Q&A: Meet Erin, Our Inner Circle Facebook Moderator

Erin is the face of our Inner Circle Facebook Group and she’s the best! She took a break from coming up with cool contests and sales to talk about why she loves the group.


Q. Erin, I know this is a private group that only IC Jewels can join, but can you give us a little taste of what it’s like?


A. This is a group of really fun, positive ladies. We share stories about our lives, our kids, and of course our rings. There’s a lot of ring swapping going on in this group, which is really fun to see. People will post pictures of their collections and their favorite rings.

Q. What about these super-secret contests?


A. The contests are the best! Everyone gets into them. We just started a “Bath Art” Contest, where our Jewels decorated their tubs with at least one FJ product. I was so impressed by how creative our IC family is. And of course they win fabulous stuff! It’s something we all look forward to.

Q. What’s something IC members really love?


A. A popular topic is any of our throwback items. Once in a while, I’ll go into our archives and announce the release of an item we no longer sell on our site just for my Jewels. This is definitely exclusive to IC members, so it’s something everyone is interested in. For example, we used to make candles inspired by countries, called our “Passport Collection.” This is one of our most popular throwbacks.


Q. What makes Inner Circle unique?


A. The amazing and unique blend of women, men and children around the US that share the love of our product! It's like we are a huge family that continually grows and learns from each other daily! We share ideas, recipes, ring reveals, and more! You can feel the positivity through the page that is contagious - and there are wonderful, unexpected surprises!

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