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Scented Sanitizer Spray

It's our mission to promote self-care and right now, the most important thing we can all do to take care of ourselves is to stay healthy.

When you buy our sanitizer spray, you'll be supporting this mission by allowing us to donate hand sanitizer to the heroes on the front lines.

Together, let's make a difference

Stay Healthy
Stay Healthy

Our sanitizer spray is formulated with 75% alcohol, surpassing the CDC guidelines for healthcare providers, so you can protect yourself and those around you.

Stay Healthy
Stay Kind

For every ounce you buy, we will donate an equal amount to hospitals, first responders and other heroes on the front lines.

When you purchase one for yourself, you're giving one to them

Thanks to you, 6.4 bathtubs worth of hand sanitizer are being donated so far!

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We love supporting amazing nurses like Kristina! So in honor of International Nurses Day, we selected five incredible nurses and sent them some FJ hand sanitizer to share amongst their co-workers. Stay tuned, your favorite front line worker might be next! Her Story: I've been a licensed nurse (LVN/LPN depending where you're from) for over 10 years, specializing in both Acute Critical Care and Psychiatric nursing. I absolutely love helping people heal and couldn't imagine doing anything else! I discovered and fell in love with Fragrant Jewels and became an Inner Circle member in 2017 and joined the Facebook IC family a couple of months later in 2018. Although I wasn't active in posting in the group, I was always reading the wonderful acts of kindness shared, positive attitudes and quotes, awesome craft ideas and everything in between. Last year was one of the most difficult for me as I was determined to finish my degree for my RN while juggling financial, work, family, and relationship issues simultaneously. Out of all the sacrifices and cut-backs I had to make, Fragrant Jewels was the one thing I refused to give up. I kept my membership as a reward to myself. I needed that magical little reminder that this Jewel is worthy of shining bright too. And guess what? It worked and now I'm able to pay that sparkle forward.

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