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Alter EgoAlter Ego

Blur the lines of fantasy and reality with this new collection, available exclusively to Inner Circle members.

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The Bath Bomb

Our vibrant bath bomb releases alluring aromas of rose, peony and amber as the swirls of color cause you to blur the lines of fantasy and reality.


The Candle

This luxurious candle releases enticing aromas of rose, peony and amber as you transform your home into an enchanting ball shrouded in secrecy.


The Jewelry

Masked within each product, you’ll discover your very own alter ego in the form a unique ring. Each rhodium plated ring features stunning Swarovski®️ Aurora Borealis and Lavender CZ stones.


The Story

As the night falls, your inhibitions come rushing to the surface, ready to own the night.

You don your mask and make your way to the masquerade, where others - just like you - are waiting to be someone else until the sun rises.

A whirlwind of fantasy takes over as you give into the mystery of the moonlight. You become the persona you’ve created for yourself as you dance the night away.

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