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Self(less) Care

Self care is anything but selfish! Each of these collections allow you to do some good, while doing yourself a little good too.

Support Equality for ALL

A portion of proceeds goes towards promoting real change for the LGBTQIA+ community by progressing equality and civil rights in the communities they call home.

In partnership with the Equality Federation

Save Species Worldwide

We'll be donating 6% of the net proceeds from each Koala-ty Time product purchase to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s conservation efforts aiming to save species worldwide!

In partnership with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Support Dog Adoption

Help tons of four-legged friends find their furever homes by supporting the largest no-kill sanctuary in the nation. Thanks to our fellow dog lovers, we've been able to contribute over $30,000 so far!

In Partnership with Best Friends Animal Society

Save the Bees

Your contribution will spread like wildflowers, literally! Every dollar donated plants 33 sq. ft. of wildflowers, bringing new life to areas devastated by wildfires and hurricanes.

In Partnership with Greater Good Charities

Restore Sea Turtle Habitats

Contributions support underwater restoration work on precious sea turtle habitats. But that's not all — the efforts are carried out by Special Operations veterans, helping employ the greatest living Americans.

In Partnership with Greater Good Charities, FORCE BLUE and their 100 Yards of Hope Campaign

Protect Amur Tigers

Each purchase supports anti-poaching efforts. The Phoenix Fund aims to eliminate poaching of Amur tigers, Amur leopards, and their prey species in protected areas by 2025!

In Partnership with The Phoenix Fund and Greater Good Charities

Help Feed Panda Cubs

Help us provide vital formula to the rejected cubs. Every Panda-monium Collection purchase will fund up to 6 meals for cubs whose mothers are unable to care for them.

In Partnership with Greater Good Charities' Project Peril

Rescue Elephants from Captivity

The Love and Bananas Fund was established by Ashley Bell with Greater Good Charities to support Lek Chailert’s endeavors to transport elephants from a life of captivity. Every purchase from our Elephant of Surprise Collection helps to expand sanctuary lands in Thailand.

In Partnership with Greater Good Charities and The Love and Bananas Fund