Dire Wolf Collection

Over 10,000 years ago, the mysterious Dire Wolf roamed the land on oversized paws, with sharp, elongated fangs. Ferocious yet tender, they held their prey close but their kin closer. To be part of a Dire Wolf pack meant embodying protection and loyalty. Embrace your inner strength and fierce loyalty. Who will you welcome into your Dire Wolf pack?

A Legendary Candle

Enjoy the mystique of ancient legends with our Dire Wolf candle. Watch as its eyes glow, illuminating your space with wild elegance. Crafted to serve as a tribute to the profound bonds of protection and trust.

Unleash Your Inner Beast

Journey to the ancient realm with our Dire Wolf bath bomb. Infused with the essence of jasmine, reminiscent of moonlit nights; green melon, evoking the lush wilderness; and mahogany, capturing the spirit of untamed forests.


Fierce Elegance

Discover 10 exquisite pieces, each adorned with luxurious Tanzanite crystals and clear CZ stones, designed to capture the fierceness of the dire wolf.

With intricate details and an antique silver finish, these rings are available in both plated rhodium and 925 sterling silver. Each piece stands as a testament to strength and loyalty.