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Dragons of the Elements

Embark on a legendary journey guided by Dragons of the Elements: Pyros, the fire dragon, Vortex, the air dragon, Colossus, the earth dragon, and Tempest, the water dragon.

Each piece of jewelry celebrates the essence of the four natural elements. Adorn yourself from head to toe with one or all four elements.

Four Elemental Fragrances

Each product features a unique, element-specific piece of jewelry and fragrance, customized for an enchanting and rejuvenating experience.

ceramic Candle jewelry box

Fire Dragon

Crafted from 925 sterling silver, these 8 custom dragon-inspired rings embody the essence of the four natural elements. Empowering engravings on the inner band encourage you to embrace the power of each element.

Savor the mystical scents of lemon, patchouli, and vanilla, then elegantly store your newfound treasures with the included velvet ring holder, turning your candle into a keepsake jewelry box.

body scrub

Earth Dragon

Discover each element with our mixed-style earring pairs.
Crafted from lightweight and hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver, each pair symbolizes an element through color and symbol, ensuring all-day comfort and style.

Savor the allure of mandarin, violet, and cedarwood in our exfoliating scrub. Immerse your skin in the essence of a mythical realm for a revitalized experience.

bath bomb

Water Dragon

Explore our collection of 4 elemental dragon necklaces, crafted in 925 sterling silverβ€”layer them or add a charm.

Immerse yourself in a truly reinvigorating bathing experience with the serene freshness of water, delicate whispers of lily of the valley, and a subtle touch of rosemary.

eau de parfum

Air Dragon

For those that seek adventure and excitement.

This all-day wear fragrance ensures a lasting impression with invigorating notes of fresh air, geranium, and amber.

Explore the 4 elemental dragon charms crafted in 925 sterling silver, ready to add to any necklace.