2018 Halloween Collection – Fragrant Jewels



Halloween Collection

Introducing our premium collection: The Nocturnal Collection Candle and Bath Bomb Set

How It Works

  • Light your candle or drop your black bath bomb in the water.
  • Find your ring and secret code.
  • Enter your hidden code in the vault for a chance to win an additional $10,000 ring!
Amazing set - It has the most alluring fall scent that fills the room and leaves you feeling so relaxed. By far, it’s my Favorite! And the rings that come with them are to die for!

Our Secret Society collection reveals one of 6 custom-designed skull- and crypt-inspired, limited-edition rings.

From deep inside our frightful Wicked Classic Collection, dark magic will uncover deep and dark black stone rings dipped in a rose gold finish – 13 limited-edition designs in all.

Whichever collection moves your spirit, you’ll find your hidden code inside, for your chance to win an additional $10,000 ring.

The Wicked Classic Collection is brewing up dark magic. Treasures of terror are waiting for you inside.
Fall under the spell of these deep and dark, black stone rings dipped in a rose gold finish. The magic awaits.
Immerse yourself in their fizzy blackness as they burst open with dark magic – releasing the mysterious scents of musk and smoked woods – as notes of caramel and vanilla creep in.
Inhale its rich aroma as you honor the season of the witch and surround yourself with a potion that will ignite your soul and unleash your inner witch.
Just wickedly intoxicating - Love love love this candle / bath bomb… An experience not to be missed.
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