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We're giving you the key to unlock your Inner Circle subscription. You now have more flexibility than ever, so your monthly me-time can be truly relaxing and truly yours.

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Love it or Swap it

If the latest collection isn't your style, you can choose to swap to another product directly from your member portal. The choice is yours!

Switch Things Up

Our wide selection of swaps allows you to change up your product types or even upgrade to 925 sterling silver!

Anytime Add-ons

No need to wait. You can go into your member portal and add extras to your box anytime before your billing date!

Hassle-Free Membership

We know things come up. You can update all your account details as well as skip, pause or cancel anytime right from your member portal.


Your Member Portal

Are you ready to customize your next Inner Circle box? We'll send you a magic link to login to your member portal!

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You didn’t hear it from us...

“I love my FJ inner circle membership!!!! I love everything from Fragrant Jewels. The fragrances of the candle and the bath bombs are spot on. I look forward the receiving my FJ box every month.”



This May and June we're doing things a little differently. Inner Circle members will receive one of our current best-selling collections.

We encourage you to utilize your enhanced new features, and if there's another box you want more, swap your box directly from your member portal. The choice is yours!

You can swap your monthly box anytime before your billing date.

If your monthly box has not been revealed, you can still swap to a collection of your choice and your next shipment will not default to the new Inner Circle box of the month.

You can swap as many times as you like, just make sure you're happy with your choice before your billing date!

No matter what item you choose to swap to, your membership will default back to the Inner Circle box of the month. The only element a swap will impact is your ring size.

If you swap or update your box to a different ring size, then next month your box will default to the ring size you selected.

After your monthly box is processed, you'll have to wait until the beginning of the next month for the box of the month to be revealed.

When you swap your box, the ring size you select will automatically determine the next ring size you receive.

For the months of May and June, we’re doing something a little different. As a way of showing our appreciation, instead of releasing a new Rare Collection you need to qualify for with an extra purchase, we’re automatically giving our top 1,000 most loyal members, including anyone on a Rare Streak, a Rare Collection as their Inner Circle monthly shipment.

Stay tuned for more updates on Rare Collections.