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Renew yourself with a candle & bath bomb reminiscent of the Japanese Cherry Blossom, available exclusively to Inner Circle Members.

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You'll pay $32.95 today and $32.95 monthly if you decide to remain a member. You can cancel at anytime. Tax not included.


The Bath Bomb

Restore your body and mind as you indulge in the Japanese Cherry Blossom scents, and the natural oils rejuvenate your skin.


The Candle

Invite a calm feeling of renewal into your home with fruity and floral fragrances reminiscent of the Japanese Cherry Blossom.


The Jewelry

Inside each candle and bath bomb, discover a rose gold plated cherry blossom ring! Each ring is adorned with an assortment of Swarovski®️ Crystals in Rose Water Opal, Light Rose, and Rose.


The Story

Let the fleeting beauty of the sakura remind you that new beginnings lie ahead!

Japanese culture practices the Hanami ceremony, which celebrates the small pocket of time from late March to Early Spring when Japanese Cherry Blossoms (or sakura) are in full bloom all across the country. It’s an opportunity to get out and enjoy the warmth of spring, while also honoring the beautiful and endless cycle of life.

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