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Rare Collections

Inner Circle Rares

Start collecting unique limited edition sets exclusively available to Inner Circle members.


Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set



Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set



Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set


August 2020  |  FIND YOUR SUN

Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set

Seas The Day Seas The Day

July 2020  |  Seas The Day

Bath Bomb, Body Scrub & Room Spray Gift Set

Luck be a Ladybug Luck be a Ladybug

June 2020  |  Luck be a Ladybug

Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set

Southern Charm Southern Charm

May 2020  |  Southern Charm

Bath Bomb Trio

Pegasus Pegasus

April 2020  |  Pegasus

Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set

Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher

March 2020  |  Dreamcatcher

Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set

Hollywood Nights Hollywood Nights

February 2020  |  Hollywood Nights

Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set

Wild Cherry Wild Cherry

January 2020  |  Wild Cherry

Candle & Bath Bomb Minis Gift Set

Your Best Self

December 2019  |  Your Best Self

Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set

In My Heart

November 2019  |  In My Heart

Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set

Gypsy Soul

October 2019  |  Gypsy Soul

Candle & Bath Bomb Gift Set


September 2019  |  Spellbound

Bath Bomb Trio

Retro Vibes

August 2019  |  Retro Vibes

Bath Bomb Trio

California Dreamin'

July 2019  |  California Dreamin'

Bath Bombs & Body Scrub Gift Set

Adventure Awaits

June 2019  |  Adventure Awaits

Bath Bomb Trio

Everything you need to know about rares

What's a Rare collection?

Every month we release a new "Rare", a unique collection made in very limited quantities exclusively available to Inner Circle members.

How do I get a Rare?

We want your monthly shipments to be exciting. If you've already purchased the Inner Circle product of the month before your monthly processing date, we will send you a different collection in its place. If you already have all our previous collections, you'll get a Rare!

How many Rare collections are there?

Just like your monthly Inner Circle products, a new Rare collection is released every month and is available while supplies last.

Could I just buy a Rare collection?

Typically, no. Every now and then we will have a Rare Sale for all Inner Circle members to get a chance to shop for their favorite Rare collections, but they sell out FAST. Join our Inner Circle Facebook Community to be among the first to know when a sale is happening!

What products do I need to buy to qualify for a Rare collection?

Typically, if you've been a member for over 3 months, you'll just need to buy your current monthly product before your billing date.

If you're new to Inner Circle, you'll typically need to purchase the last 3 monthly collections from your exclusive Inner Circle Store to qualify to receive a Rare.

Note, although we'll always send you a collection you've never received, the specific products required to qualify for a Rare are always subject to change. The above is standard, but not a guarantee.

Do purchases of single products or bundles outside of the Inner Circle Store count towards my Rare?

Unfortunately, no. Our system will only use your purchase history of bundles in the exclusive Inner Circle Store to determine your monthly shipment.

If you buy multiple single products or a bundle from a collection outside your exclusive Inner Circle Store, you may still receive that collection as your monthly shipment.

I received a Rare, but it wasn't the newest release. Why is that?

When you first qualify for a Rare, you'll receive them in the order they were released based on availability.

What is a "Rare Streak"?

Once you've received your first Rare, you can continue to receive Rares by purchasing the monthly Inner Circle collection before you're billing date. When you do so, you can lock in a Rare collection as your shipment every month! Our members call this having a "Rare Streak" and it is a highly coveted status!

Any tips for qualifying for a Rare Collection?

Here are a few helpful tips that could get you on track to a Rare Streak:

  • The key is knowing your monthly billing date. You'll need to purchase the newest Inner Circle collection prior to your billing date.
  • The monthly Inner Circle collection launches on the 9th of every month, so if your billing date is on or near the 9th you may not have a chance to qualify. You can always adjust your billing date to give yourself more time to purchase by contacting our Customer Care Team at [email protected].
  • Make sure you're purchasing bundles from your exclusive Inner Circle Store.
  • The real experts are our Jewels! Our Inner Circle Facebook community is a great source of tips! Join here.

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