Robin Hood Collection

Delve into the tantalizing allure of this mythical self-care collection. You have power over fate, so allow yourself the power to escape into deep relaxation and be rewarded with an irresistible surprise.

Escape to Sherwood Forest

Inspired by the lush Sherwood forests where Robin and his band of merry men roamed, notes of fresh clary sage, black patchouli and red cedar captures the earthy essence of their woodland sanctuary, evoking tales of noble deeds and daring escapades.

A surprise ring in every product

You deserve to indulge. These unique self-care products reward you for doing just that by revealing a surprise ring from within and a chance to win a bonus ring worth $100, $1,000, or $10,000! Which will you unveil?


10 Stunning Rings

Channel your inner hero with our Robin Hood rings, crafted in antique plated rhodium and sterling silver.

Each ring is adorned with symbols of feathers, leaves and bows and arrows to pay homage to Robin's woodland adventures and noble cause. These beautiful one-of-a-kind designs feature a stunning Sherwood Forest Opal stone to entice envy and inspire daring escapades.

The scent on this collection is like a breath of fresh air. The candle filled the room with a smell even my husband enjoys! I originally purchased for the rings, I love the opal stone, it's even prettier in person.

Cady Y.