April 2nd-9th

A virtual treasure hunt awaits!

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INSPIRED BY the legendary pirates ann bonnie & mary read

The Treasure Hunt Collection

Set sail on a daring quest worthy of the notorious female pirate legends, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, let their tales of fearless bravery remind us to embrace the timeless lesson that courage knows no bounds, even on the high seas of life.

April Inner Circle

The Treasure Hunt Collection

You’ve been added to the crew for a daring voyage befitting the legendary female pirates, Anne Bonny & Mary Read. Discover the riches they've left behind from exclusive collector's rings to sterling silver surprises!

Transport yourself to a beautiful sun-drenched beach...

Embark on a sensory voyage to the exotic shores where Anne Bonny and Mary Read once roamed. Invigorating notes of zesty lime, jasmine and sheer musk evoke the mysteries of the pirates' legendary treasure trove, awaiting discovery.

$100 Rings

For the lucky few bestowed with the $100 rings inside the golden products. Uncover the loot and share your sparkling treasures using #FJTreasureHunt for all to admire!